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George Biner - Lead vocals, guitar, main booking contact

George is from Inglewood, California.  George started listening to rock music at age 4.  He has acted as lead vocalist, songwriter, guitarist, bass guitarist, and keyboardist in numerous original and cover bands for over 30 years – blues, progressive, tribute, dance, punk and bluegrass. His band “KGB”, an original blues-based experiment where he played keyboard and guitar, was featured on KLOS-FM’s “Local Licks” program.  George also plays bluegrass guitar and his rendition of “Beaumont Rag” is featured on the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest’s 2008 compilation CD.  He has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering.    

George’s gear includes Gibson SG, Vox Super Meteor, Rickenbacker 370 12-string and Fender Stratocaster guitars, Fender vintage amplifiers (1965 Deluxe Reverb, 1966 Pro Reverb), pedals are Voodoo Labs Sparkledrive and Tube Screamer, and he sings through an Audix OM-6 microphone.


Aris Corkos – lead guitar, vocals, harmonica.
Aris has been playing guitar since 1963, and started his first band in 1972, influenced by The Allman Brothers, Neil Young, and a few guys from England...Richards, Blackmore, Beck, Harrison and Clapton. Other cover and original bands followed through high school and college ("Remember the 80's, when you left the chorus pedal on all the time.") and again in mid-life. Over the years he has evolved into a pathological gear-head and "ampoholic." Armed with soldering iron and multimeter, he's been known to overhaul old amps as well as build new ones entirely from scratch. So far, he has managed to avoid electrocution. Latest obsessions....modular synthesizers, dentin bonding, subwoofers, high volume from small speakers, and guitar amps with as few knobs as possible.


Manny Lopez – bass guitar, vocals.

Born in Texas. Moved to LA at a very early age. Like everybody else, discovered the guitar playing Beatles songs with his buddies in junior high. In high school, studied classical and flamenco guitar with maestro Don Amori. Later, was corrupted by blues and rock ultimately developing a passion for R&B and jazz. Travelled on the road during the seventies with a variety of groups ranging from show bands, funk band, blues bands, latin bands, pop bands, and an occassional jazz group. Left the musician's life at the fringes of society and entered the real world (got a day job) while continuing to play in public occasionally. Life is good... After a 15 year hiatus from playing, joined Pure Play as bassist.


Stephen Capparelli – drums, vocals.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Stephen grew up, wanting to play drums, listening to Motown.  After purchasing his first drum kit in in 1975 (a 5-piece Slingerland set with denim finish) he studied and played mostly jazz, both in school and in a small jazz trio. By the end of high school, he had discovered Rush, and didn't want to play anything but progressive rock. In 1985 Stephen move to Los Angeles and spent the next several years showcasing in rock clubs and recording in studios with various struggling original bands. Around that time he began playing regularly in cover bands, which has continued to the present, allowing Stephen's playing to really mature, as he mastered the styles and grooves of thousands of cover songs.   At present, Stephen keeps busy playing with the cover band Pure Play, and sub'ing for drummers of other cover bands.

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