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Veteran • Versatile • High-Energy Popular Music

Next Show:
Friday February 2nd 2018
Suzy's Bar & Grill
Hermosa Beach

Pure Play is a veteran, four-piece classic rock cover band based in Los Angeles. The band, through a diverse song list, joins flawless execution with high energy while playing great songs. Pure Play brings passion to their music. The band has a huge respect for the music and it is evident in their playing. The member's many years of performing experience serve them well.  Audiences, when they are not dancing to the band, continually remark on the level of musicianship. 

A diverse 300-entry song list keeps things interesting for the band and audience alike.  The band covers pop (Beatles, Beach Boys, British Invasion), modern (Foo Fighters, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots), R&B (Four Tops, Sam & Dave), classic rock (Journey, Eagles, Rolling Stones, Tom Petty), hard edge (ZZ Top, Ramones, Clash), not to mention everything in between (Oingo Boingo, Tubes, Steely Dan, etc.) and it's all danceable.

Pure Play can tailor the set list to the event and always plays to the room at the right volume.
Pure Play rolls it all up into one package - passion, songs, musicianship - and will provide music to make your event come alive.  You will not be disappointed - we thank you for your consideration. 

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